Environmental Programs

Mission Statement

The Delaware Nation Environmental Programs will protect, enhance, promote, preserve and regulate our native lands, water and air for the health and welfare of the Delaware Nation Community and tribal members.

Vision Statement

To mentor the next generation of environmental specialists for the sustainability, tribal customs, and traditions for future generations by becoming the natural stewards of the earth.

Core Values

Protect, Enhance, Promote, Preserve, Regulate, Teach, Leadership, Stewardship


In the northern section of the Tamanend Building behind the Administration Building

General Assistance Program - GAP Program
Kellie Poolaw, GAP Coordinator/DNEP Director

The Delaware Nation established the Environmental Programs (DNEP) on November 1, 1997.  The department began development of the infrastructure necessary to expand the program into different project areas. The GAP Program is the core program with all other programs revolving around it. The GAP Program is set up as a capacity building program.  It is designed to establish an office, provide necessary equipment and staff the office with trained and qualified personnel. The GAP Program seeks funding that will address the environmental concerns of the Delaware Nation. The DNEP works with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that facilities with the Delaware Nation jurisdiction are in compliance with environmental laws and ordinances. This may include tribal laws and ordinances that the department has helped to enact.

Mentoring the next generation of environmental managers for the community is a strategic goal for the DNEP. This includes the continuing education and training of the staff, and the Executive Committee.


Air Quality Monitoring Program


The Delaware Nation Air Quality Monitoring Program was established in 2001.  The purpose of the program is to monitor air quality to determine if federal air quality standards are being met. The Air Program is currently monitoring for Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), Ground Level Ozone, and Meteorological Conditions (Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Barometric Pressure, and Rain). The program is involved with local, tribal, state, regional, and national committees that play a key role in providing the community with information regarding air quality monitoring activities.

A new aspect of the Air Program is being implemented to provide tribal members with daily access to air quality information. The Ozone Alert Program provides information via email on the daily air quality forecast and ozone alerts in the local area. An Air Quality Index sign is located at the north entrance to the tribal complex as a public service to provide the daily air quality forecast. Contact DNEP Director Kellie Poolaw at KPoolaw@delawarenation.com or call (405) 247-2448  if you wish to join the Delaware Nation Ozone Alert Program and receive daily air quality information. 

Ozone levels typically rise in much of the nation between May and October due to a combination of higher temperatures, more sunlight, and stagnant air.

Several groups of people particularly sensitive to ozone especially when they are active outdoors. Physical activity causes people to take deeper, faster breaths. Some of those groups include:

· Active children

· Active adults

· People with asthma or other respiratory diseases

Ozone is not always bad, up high it is good but down low it can become dangerous.

Stop by or call our office to find out what you can do to help, or join the Ozone Alert Group to get ozone updates through email.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Kellie Poolaw (DNEP Director) at (405)247-2448

Below are several websites where you can get more information on your local air quality.
Current Allergy Conditions and Forecast

Air Now 

OKC Pollutant and Ozone Information 


Lawton Pollutant and Ozone Information 

Water Quality Program


The Clean Water Act (CWA) 106 Water Quality Program is currently in its fifth year, staring in October 1, 2004.  The CWA 106 Water Quality Program authorizes the EPA to provide federal assistance to help establish and implement an ongoing water pollution control program.  The first phase of this program was to complete a thorough assessment of all water bodies within the Delaware Nation tribal boundaries.  The second phase is to document water quality problems that the Delaware Nation tribal members are experiencing with their water. The third phase is to establish a five-year baseline study to help establish enforceable water quality codes for the Delaware Nation.  The Water Program will work with EPA and the State of Oklahoma to improve the quality of tribal waters.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Kellie Poolaw (DNEP Director)  at (405) 247-2448 

EPA Home  - Information on a lot of environmental problems you might experience or have a question about.

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) – The state of Oklahoma’s main environmental page.

 Oklahoma Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s conservation department in Oklahoma.

 Oklahoma Rural Water Association – Operates and manages public water supplies and wastewater facilities in rural Oklahoma.
DNEP Announces Tribal Member Recycling
DNEP is offering FREE disposal of cardboard, plastic, aluminum and paper for recycling to all Delaware Nation Tribal members and employees.  Recycling should be separated by item, washed clean (for plastic and aluminum) for health and sanitary purposes and brought to the DNEP office. Unfortunately, we are unavailable for pickup collection at this time.  We will do our best to help Delaware Nation Tribal Elders get their recycling to the complex should they want to participate.  This project is for recycling only.  Trash pickup is not included and we are unable to provide any sort of household trash collection to non-tribal members or curbside recycling at this time. Aluminum collected will be considered donated materials and will not be sold to or bought by DNEP.
 All tribal members must bring their Delaware Nation Tribal ID or CDIB card so we may copy it. Each time anyone brings recycling to our office, they must sign in each and every time.  This documentation goes to the EPA and is imperative to the success of our project. 
For more information please contact Kellie Poolaw (ext 1172) or Ivy Smith (ext 1174) at the Delaware Nation Complex (405) 247-2448
The DNEP is proud to announce the acceptance of waste tires for proper disposal. Tires will also be accepted at the GreenTech Center on Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. Tires not accepted are tires on the rim, tires greater than 19.5 inches in diameter or agriculture or machinery tires. For more information, please contact the Delaware Nation Environmental Programs at (405) 247-2448. 

DNEP Staff
Kellie Poolaw
GAP Coordinator/DNEP Director
Phone:   405-247-2448 ext. 1172
Fax:  405-247-9393

Ivy Smith
Environmental Technician/Administrative Assistant
Phone:  405-247-2448 ext.  1174

Christina Cooper
Water Quality Technician
Phone: 405-247-2448 ext. 1171
Josh Worcester
Water Quality Technician 
Phone: 405-247-2448 ext. 1170



Delaware Nation Environmental Programs
P.O. Box 825
Anadarko , Oklahoma 73005
Phone:    405-247-2448
Fax:  405-247-9393

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We, the Delaware Nation, whose aboriginal name is Lenape or Lenni-Lenape, also known as the Grandfathers, is the oldest known Nation in the Northern Hemisphere, aboriginally inhabiting the Eastern Seaboard of North America, the first indigenous Nation to treat with the United States of America (September 17, 1778, 7 Statute 13: Brotherton Reservation), consummating a total of one (1) treaty with the United States of America and descending from the Cape Girardeau Spanish Land Grant Area, invoking the guidance of the Almighty Creator with faith in the purposes of our Supreme Being, with pride in our ancient heritage and with the determination to promote, through our united effort, the general well-being of our Nation and to secure unto our Nation and Nation’s descendants the rights, powers and privileges provided by the laws of the Delaware Nation and the laws of the United States of America.